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Els Matthysen photography




Els Matthysen (born 1968) studied Marketing and Visual communication. She started with photogrphy when she was 16 years old. Afterwards, she studied Photography in Antwerp (‘Academie Noord’ in Brasschaat and did some workshops by e.g. Piet Van den Eynde, Willem Wernsen, Michiel Hendryckx and Yann Bertrand. For living, she works as a journalist-photographer at VVH, de Vereniging van Vlaamse Huisvestingsmaatschappijen (social housing).

This website shows her personal photography work. Her portraits, documentary’s and  street photography is made in her homeland Belgium as well as abroad. Human nature is the centre of her work.


I love the interaction with my subject, the curiosity and the fulfillment on both sides, brought together in a multi-layered picture

Photography has been my passion since the late 1990s.

Work in progress